Who We Are

Boutique Investment Bank

Empire Securities Group (ESG) is a boutique investment bank founded in 2007 by Gerard Farley. ESG is headquartered in Sydney's CBD, originally at 10 Bligh Street and now on the top floor of 3 Spring Street.

Gerard Farley has worked in financial services for more than 30 years, largely raising capital for developments in the natural resources industry. Gerard has an especially strong record as a gold mining financier, and in financing mines for other precious metals, though he has recently diversified into technology ventures. Prior to founding ESG in 2007, he worked in London, Sydney, New York and Melbourne as Director of International Institutional Research Sales at Merrill Lynch (Bank of America), as well as at other financial services firms, including HSBC's James Capel. The Farley family have made a family business in finance, with Gerard's sons Tom Farley and Felix Farley both working at ESG, though Tom has since joined a hedge fund in New York.

Mark de Kock runs the Technology Desk at ESG. Mark started his career designing and developing money market and stock exchange trading systems such as the Helsinki Money Market System, the Dhaka Stock Exchange, and the 3rd generation of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mark worked as General Manager of eCommerce IT for Qantas and later co-founded Vocus Communications (ASX:VOC), Australia's 4th largest telecom

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